Welcome! My name is Samuel Karie, I am a freelance animator, illustrator, video editor, and graphic artist.  I enjoy working in the Adobe Creative Suite, especially Photoshop and After Effects.

My greatest accomplishment would be the short film I made for my senior capstone, The Personality Factory. As writer, director, producer, and editor I oversaw a team of seven other students and worked with them to design characters, backgrounds, musical score, and sound design. I enjoy creating graphic art with movement and a cinematic flare to it. My approach to each work relies on several Adobe applications and my personal collection of resources to create a unique style with a thoughtful impression.

​I have a strong work ethic and believe in dedicating all my time and energy into putting out content nothing short of excellent. I value any creative outlet I am given, even in unfamiliar territory I am willing to seek answers to any issue I face and use critical thinking to solve it in the most efficient way possible. I am proficient in Microsoft Office and the Adobe Creative Suite, and I am comfortable on both Mac and PC. What I lack in experience, I make up for with an eagerness to work hard and learn something new.