You can find videos featured in my animation reel below, as well as some of my other animation work.

As an example of my storyboarding skills, I made this animatic for a pilot episode I also wrote.

I created an animated video for Caribou’s official Serving Safely page about their outreach during the COVID-19 crisis.                       

I worked with Caribou to make social media videos for their Camp Caribou weekend.

The Personality Factory was my senior thesis project at Minnesota State University Moorhead. I worked as director, writer, producer, editor, background designer, and animator on the project. I worked alongside six other students over the course of two semesters to develop the short film. The film depicts a guided tour of a factory where personalities are manufactured and adhered to blobs that are then sent out into a new world where an unseen audience watches them for entertainment.

I created this music video for the St. Vincent song “Los Ageless.” I finished it within the week of the song’s release and have acquired a substantial audience from it. I use abstract and literal imagery to depict the song’s depiction of the Los Angeles lifestyle.

This is a one-shot music video for folk musician Trixie Mattel’s song “Seen My Man.” My interpretation of the song depicts Mattel as a revived jamboree animatronic lamenting in an abandoned amusement park.

I did a series of shorts for the Hellavision Animation Show, a Minneapolis-based series of episodic experimental animation shorts and zines.

I animated a minimalist interpretation of Mitski’s “Lonesome Love” from her album Be the Cowboy.