You can find videos featured in my animation reel below, as well as some of my other animation work.

As an example of my storyboarding skills, I made this animatic for a pilot episode I also wrote.

I created an animated video for Caribou’s official Serving Safely page about their outreach during the COVID-19 crisis.                       

I worked with Caribou to make social media videos for their Camp Caribou weekend.

The Personality Factory was my senior thesis project at Minnesota State University Moorhead. I worked as director, writer, producer, editor, background designer, and animator on the project. I worked alongside six other students over the course of two semesters to develop the short film. The film depicts a guided tour of a factory where personalities are manufactured and adhered to blobs that are then sent out into a new world where an unseen audience watches them for entertainment.

I created this music video for the St. Vincent song “Los Ageless.” I finished it within the week of the song’s release and have acquired a substantial audience from it. I use abstract and literal imagery to depict the song’s depiction of the Los Angeles lifestyle.

This is a one-shot music video for folk musician Trixie Mattel’s song “Seen My Man.” My interpretation of the song depicts Mattel as a revived jamboree animatronic lamenting in an abandoned amusement park.

I was approached by Ketamine Care Clinic to create an animated commercial for their Bismarck location. Working alongside one of the clinic’s doctors, we worked out what the concept and message of the video would be, and then I animated it.

I animated the intro for MovieBitches’ YouTube channel.

I did a series of shorts for the Hellavision Animation Show, a Minneapolis-based series of episodic experimental animation shorts and zines.

I animated a minimalist interpretation of Mitski’s “Lonesome Love” from her album Be the Cowboy.

A spatial montage I did for an editing course about the benefits of environmental awareness.